Hi! This is BunnyApp 🐰 Tap on the bunny and earn your coins.

Hi! This is BunnyApp

Hello bunnies!🐰
Welcome to our bunny world 🌍

Bunny App is the first version of our game, beat the bunny, earn coins and follow our updates! Very soon we will tell you about all the updates, a unique immersion in the world of bunny! Invite your friends, do our tasks and be one of the first

🔔 Breaking News! 🚨 Trending Now: Multi-Click Feature Launch! 📱✨ Experience the game-changer you’ve been waiting for! 🚀 Our app now supports multi-click! ✋💥 Use all your fingers for an explosive speed boost! ⏱️ The timer accelerates with every extra finger, making it a level playing field for everyone! 🏆💪 Try it out today and join the fun! 🎉🎮


Tap on the bunny and earn your coins.

Got friends? Invite them to the game. That’s the way you'll both earn even more coins together.
That’s all you need to know to get started.

Invite your friends and get bonuses for each invited friend!🎁 

Airdrop link:

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